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               It is the distinct and primary purpose of The King's Academy to provide the superior spiritual environment necessary for instruction in the faith and principles of Jesus Christ, which are contained in the Holy Scriptures. This environment enables us to offer an advanced program of secular education. It is our foundational belief that primarily, the education and training of the spirit, followed closely by the education and training of the brain, represents the highest form of scholastic excellence. The King's Academy is wholly committed to this belief and to upholding this standard.

              We regard the education of children as the joint responsibility of the home, the church, and the school- the three basic units of our society. All three units must make a concerted effort to harmonize in a fully integrated program so that positive Christian personalities may be developed and nurtured.


     While the requirement of The New York State Education Law calls for Non-Public Schools to provide an education equivalent to that offered by the State, it is our goal to excel in this area by providing a spiritual and academic experience of superior quality. This is not a vain hope, but an acknowledgement that the beginning of all wisdom is a reverence for the Lord Jesus. As we lean toward Him, we can expect His blessings upon both students and faculty alike in this vital venture. The daily course of studies offered at The King’s Academy will include the following subjects: Bible, reading, phonics, math, spelling, English grammar and composition, science, history, geography, manual and cursive penmanship, and Spanish. In addition, minor course classes in music appreciation and basic arts and crafts are offered, depending on the grade.

      Bible is a required subject at The King’s Academy. It enhances the study of all other subjects, such as English, the mathematical and physical sciences, and social studies. No other book can enrich the mind and heart and prepare one for an effective life as this “best seller” of all time. A Christian school has the responsibility to use this all-important tool in the work of character building. We are tasked with utilizing our knowledge of the Bible and the words of Jesus as the building blocks to awaken spiritual awareness and groom appreciation for God’s Divine influence in every aspect of our human existence. Therefore, Bible (and daily devotional) is the most important subject taught at The King’s Academy. It far surpasses all other courses offered in this school in its importance of laying a sure foundation of moral and spiritual values in an age of moral decay and spiritual apostasy. Without a working knowledge of the Bible and its proper application in their daily life, a student cannot be “educated” in the truest sense.

     All other subjects taught at The King’s Academy utilize the A Beka Book program, which is a curriculum that features secular studies from a Christian perspective. We have used this curriculum in conjunction with high school instruction offered by Pensacola Christian College since our inception in 1980.

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